Have you ever considered replacing photos with drawings? If your answer was no,

then this article will change your mind. Drawing designs come in many different

themes and subjects. One of these subjects is the animal drawings. The different

designs of animals range in style, technique and color bringing you incredible

replacements of photos. Following this, you will find a collection of animal

drawings that is sure to upgrade your projects no matter their genre.

Tribal Animal Drawing

tribal animal drawing

This tribal horse design will make a plain t-shirt design look fantastic and

stylish. It can also give you inspiration for your next tattoo idea or for a

website background.

Cartoon Animal Drawing

cartoon animal drawing

Cartoon designs like this add a fun factor in many projects. You can choose a

famous character or you can let your imagination run free and create your

own one. You may also see Cat Drawings

Animal Pencil Drawing

animal pencil drawing

This squirrel design has beautiful details that make it look incredible.

It is suitable for portraits, posters and web sites that require a classic

look of pencil and charcoal colors.

Realistic Animal Drawing

realistic animal drawing

You can give a fierce tone to your projects with designs like this one. This leopard

has a stunning look that will make everyone stop and take a closer look.

Baby Animal Drawing

This baby and mother picture is a sweet addition for any project.

You can give them to someone as a gift for wall poster or in framed

design for table. You may also see Horse Drawings

Wild Animal Drawing

wild animal drawing

If you want a design with a wild animal then this wolf drawings is sure

to excite you. The details that are drawn with pencil create an enchanting

design for projects.

Water Animal Drawing

water animal drawing
Fish can give you a constant movement that will add style in your projects.
They are suitable for tattoo ideas, blogs and web sites as well as
greeting card designs.

Animal Skull Drawing

animal skull drawing

In case you want an ominous design then you can go for animal

 skull drawings . This design has a detailed work with pencil

on paper that you can use for projects.

Farm Animal Drawing

Farm animals like this one can give you a rusticity that will make your projects

look fantastic. The simple lines against the white paper make the design

interesting and minimalistic.

Pet Animal Drawing

pet animal drawing

Pet animals are suitable for posters, portraits and other projects. The design

is drawn with pencil adding a charming factor to the cat’s posture defining

every little detail of its fur.

Animal Dog Drawing

animal dog drawing

Animal Fox Drawing

animal fox drawing

Fine Liner Animal Drawing

fine liner animal drawing

Traditional Animal Drawing

traditional animal drawing

Colorful Animal Cat Drawing

colorful animal cat drawing

Animal Kitten Drawing

animal kitten drawing

Animal Portrait Drawing

animal portrait drawing

Animal Face Drawing

animal face drawing

Animal Leopard Drawing

animal leopard drawing

Colorful Farm Animal Drawing

colorful farm animal drawing

Animal Rabbit Pencil Drawing

animal rabbit pencil drawing

In pencil drawings you will find many details that usually get lost when we see

them in color. The way the light brightens up certain characteristics while

shadows hide others give you an interesting design of animal drawings to

use in projects like greeting cards, posters, book covers and websites.