Boost the Performance of Your Vehicle With Chip Tuning

Assets always need extra care to give them a long life. Especially when it is an automobile asset like a car, it needs special and regular attention to keep it running and to ensure optimum outcome from it. There are various types of maintenance services that can be done to a car or in fact… Read More »

Fractional Ownership – How to Live Like a Multi-Millionaire

Do you want a more opulent way of life — but do not have the million$ in ready cash to bankroll it? You’ve worked hard and you’ve done well, but the corporate jet, the yacht and the $4 million seashore house are not possible right now. Fractional Ownership may be the solution to your dilemma!… Read More »

How Much is My Car Worth?

Car Price Guides Whether you’re considering trading your car through a dealership, selling it privately, refinancing it, or if you simply want to know what it’s worth, chances are you’ll be counting on a car price guide to assign a fair value to your vehicle. Car price guides can be accessed at the library, credit… Read More »

Is a Hidden Hitch Really Hidden?

HiddenHitch is a subsidiary of Cequent, which in turn is part of Trimas, a former Masco company. Cequent not only owns Hidden Hitch, but they also own the following brands: 1. Bargman 2. Bulldog 3. Draw-Tite 4. Fulton 5. Highland 6. Reese 7. Reese Towpower 8. Rola 9. Tekonsha 10. Wesbar HiddenHitch was founded in… Read More »

Types of Mustang Tail Lights

Tail lights also called rear position lamps provides night time automobile conspicuity to the back. Available in various colors and sizes, Mustang taillights enhance the appearance of any Mustang. Since the back end of this car is noticeable by other drivers, it would be a nice gesture to integrate some impressive aftermarket tail light to… Read More »

6 Steps to Consider When Buying Used Cars

As a result of the economic slowdown, buying a used car comes across as an extremely beneficial decision that is sure to fulfill your wish of owing a vehicle without exceeding your budget. From brand new models to used ones, the pre owned car category has plenty of options to offer. However, you need to… Read More »

How to Find the Right Place to Store Your Car

When storing a vehicle, it is important to consider where it is going to be located while off the road. If contemplating outdoor facilities, the vehicle is likely to be exposed to rain, wind, freezing conditions and sunlight. These conditions each have a deteriorating effect on the vehicle. This may not be apparent on a… Read More »

How to Put a V8 Motor in a Corvair

Sometimes a challenge is just that and no more. Not practical maybe but fun nonetheless. I owned at the time, a small shop repair shop where I would tinker with cars and motorcycles and make a few dollars as well. One afternoon during a bull session with some buddies, one of them said it would… Read More »